A Call To Arms: Crisis, the app that will save lives

Lexicana, Victoriana, Captain Doriana

This is a call to arms; and it’s probably the most important one I’ve made in all the time I’ve been pricking around on the internet. Hang with me for a sec.


I’ve been toying with an idea, and it’s developed into this: Crisis.


Crisis is an idea that came from – what else? – a personal mental health crisis I experienced last week. As I was touching the other side of it, I realised a few things that I hadn’t been able to realise in the fugue of trying to stop myself from doing some serious damage.


The first was that I wasn’t aware enough of the people I would normally contact to check if they were awake or available to distract me and help me through – it was early in the morning, and I made an assumption without even considering that it was the…

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